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Validity of the Reynolds equation for miscible fluids in microchannels

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  • In this paper, we consider asymptotic models for miscible flows in microchannels. The characteristics of the flows in microfluidics imply that usually the Hele-Shaw approximation is valid. We present asymptotic models in the Hele-Shaw regime for flows of miscible fluids in a channel in the case where the bottom and the top of the channels have been modified in two different ways. The first case concerns a flat bottom with slip boundary conditions obtained by chemical patterning. The second one is a non-flat bottom with a non-slipping surface. We derive in both cases 2.5D and 2D asymptotic models. We prove global well-posedness of the 2D model. We also prove that both approaches are asymptotically equivalent in the Hele-Shaw regime and we present direct 3D simulations showing that for passive mixing strategy, the Hele-Shaw approximation is not valid anymore.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 76D07, 76D27; Secondary: 76D03.


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