Open Access

Open Access:

Open access is shaping the future of scholarly publishing and we are doing our best to support this sustainable transition in a way that works for everyone. Open access publishing in an AIMS journal allows for wider knowledge dissemination, removes reading restrictions in its gold form, and offers more opportunities for researchers to improve the visibility of their work and build a strong reputation.

Open Access benefits

  • Higher visibility and greater impact: Statistics shows that in their first year, articles published open access are downloaded almost twice as many times as non-open access work. This means increased reach and a boost in citation potential when your research is at its most relevant.
  • Easy compliance with funder and institutional mandates: Many funders require open access publishing, and some take compliance into account when assessing future grant applications.
  • Automatic export triggered to various indexing companies (if applicable).
  • Copyright remains with the author under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.

AIMS journals are fully compliant with the RCUK’s policy and Plan S under accessibility and repository. We have revised our open access policy so journal authors are now permitted to make the published version of their articles openly available in an online repository.

Open Access Options at AIMS

We provide three options that enable authors to publish their work on an open access basis with our hybrid journals, ensuring the same high standard of peer review and publication.

  • Open Choice
    When a manuscript is accepted for publication in a hybrid journal, AIMS authors can opt for Open Choice by paying a one-time fee of 1,800 USD. The payment of this Article Processing Charge (APC) places the fully published version of the article in open access, freely available to all. This option is voluntary for the author, who may have funding available for this use. Otherwise, the full version of the paper is available only to journal subscribers.

    For more information about Open Choice for AIMS journal articles, contact

  • Open Subscription
    An alternative to the Read & Publish agreement, Open Subscription allows eligible authors to publish gold open access, free of charge in the individual journal(s) ordered by their institution. This may be a good option for institutions that wish to support their authors with open access publishing in specific subject areas. Journals ordered under Open Subscription are priced 200 USD higher than the original subscription price. No written agreement is necessary for Open Subscription, but it is the eligible author’s responsibility to notify AIMS their article should be published open access.
    Eligible authors must:
    • Verify that their institution ordered the journal under Open Subscription that year and request their manuscript be published open access.
    • Be the corresponding author upon manuscript submission
    • List the subscribing institution as their affiliation upon manuscript submission
    • Use the official email domain of the subscribing institution upon manuscript submission

  • Read & Publish
    A Read & Publish agreement between AIMS and an institution allows authors based there to publish gold open access in any of our hybrid journals. This means all hybrid journal APCs will be covered by the institution. Researchers, faculty, and students at an institution that has a Read & Publish agreement with AIMS can access and download content from our entire journal portfolio. These partnerships aim to increase open access output to expand the reach of discoveries across the mathematical sciences.

    Contact if your institution wishes to make a Read & Publish agreement. If you are an author at an institution that has already made an agreement, simply using your affiliate email address during the submission process will notify our publication editors that your article should be placed in open access.

Steps to Publishing Open Access under Read & Publish:

1. Author submits a paper.2. Paper is accepted following
the peer-review process.
3. We recognize corresponding
authors by email domain.
4 .We let the author know they
can publish open access via their
institution’s Read & Publish agreement.
5. Paper is published open access.
6. Annual reports are provided to
each institution showing the
open access articles.

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