About AIMS

Mission Statement   

  • The American Institute of Mathematical Sciences is an international organization for the advancement and dissemination of mathematical and applied sciences. AIMS promotes mathematical and scientific education through its publications and conferences. The mission of AIMS is to foster and enhance interactions among a broad spectrum of mathematicians and scientists worldwide.   

Our History  

  • In 1995, AIMS launched their first journal, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems which now has 3 series with over 15,000 pages published annually. 12 Fields Medalists have published in the journals, and some of them have contributed multiple times, making the DCDS series a top publication in the field. 
  • AIMS now has 26 journals, 17 of which are indexed in SCI-E.  
  • AIMS also has 3 book series.   
  • 1. Applied Mathematics - 11 volumes   
  • 2. Differential Equations & Dynamical Systems - 7 volumes   
  • 3. Random & Computational Dynamics - 2 volumes  
  • The AIMS Conference series on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications is a biennial event that provides a prime forum for mathematicians and scientists worldwide.  12 AIMS Conferences have been organized since 1996.  During these years, 4 Fields Medalists delivered lectures in the Conferences, which have become the most attended international conferences in the field.   https://aimsconference.org/conferences/index.html   

Collaboration with AIMS  

  • AIMS welcomes proposals for new journals. 
  • AIMS welcomes proposals for hosting the AIMS Conference. 
  • AIMS welcomes submissions of your manuscripts to be published in AIMS journals.  


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Thank you  

  • AIMS extends our sincerest thank you to all of the staff, editors, and organizations who have contributed to our growth over the past quarter of a century. With your support, we hope to continue expanding so we can further serve the mathematical and scientific community. 

AIMS is a science organization with two independent operations: AIMS Press ( www.aimspress.com ) and the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences ( www.aimsciences.org ).

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